Posted by: alsys | July 2, 2009

Go softly into the night… for now, Vexed.

As most people now know, written by anonymous blogger Caliban has decided just this day to go the route of Limey, ie, hanging up his/her spurs. As someone who writes on two different blogs now (but Fables is for the time being on hiatus – apparently I have to work sometime!) I do understand the time constraints of political commentary blogging in any real sense. However, this is not the main issue, time. He/she is, literally, doing a Limey from what I understood from his/her final (?) post.  And I totally understand that. It takes a helluva lot of energy in the current political and social climate in Bermuda to be a political blogger, no matter what “side” you are on. And thats’s a post in and of itself.

But for tonight’s purpose, Vexed, my good man/woman. Thank you for helping put a smile on me and many other’s faces with your commentary. Thanks for keeping your head in the game and helping to increase knowledge, even or perhaps because I didn’t agree with you at times. It’s up to us, the people, to ask for and hopefully thus receive the government we need. Which means, I guess that you have to care enough to speak up and/or blog.

Like Plato says  ” The punishment which the wise suffer who refuse to take part in the government, is to be governed by lesser men.” If I expect a better government then it truly is up to me to demand it and make them accountable for their actions. Otherwise… I get what I deserve.


  1. I agree. I mean, go through the whole list. Limey, BravoZulu, IMHO, NewOnion,, these were for the most part dedicated to political blogging but as a part-time job it must surely be extremely demanding. I surely couldn’t take that route that’s for sure.

    Wishing Vexed and the other bloggers who have taken leave from activity, a well-deserved break and look forward to their return if they see fit to do so.

  2. ‘but as a part-time job it must surely be extremely demanding’ – both ‘Limey’ and ‘Vexed’ posted almost exclusively within the hours of 9-5′ Monday to Friday: I wonder if this tells us something?

  3. Sad really. There were a lot of common sense facts written by Vexed. It made me think many times if what they wrote was correct and opened my train of thought on all subjects that they posted.

    I have this feeling that they think they have presented carefull facts on many issues but the general public just seem complacent with what they have.

    Best of luck buddy. Sometimes the “Vexed” just need to ‘relax’ and press on with their personal life.

  4. Oh Stella……you remind me of myself. The content was more important than which building it emminated from. Have a great day.

  5. Stella,

    It is likely worthy to note that posts can be scheduled ahead of time to appear at certain times of the day.

    When you’re trying to build a regular readership base the timing can have quite an impact on how regularly people visit your site.

  6. Point taken Denis, a cynical attempt of mine to suggest – or imply – that many employers are providing the time and space for the readers.

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