Posted by: alsys | August 20, 2009

The Power Within

A couple of days ago, there were reports of gunshots in Tamarind Vale. When the police went to investigate, a large number of people refused to talk to them. Both of these occurrences are all too common nowadays, yet the latter example of the people’s refusal to help the police out by talking is almost the worst of the two. Mainly because by talking, it could actually help STOP the shootings! The power that every bermudian has to help solve crimes and in many cases, prevent crimes is something so simple as talking out. It is as simple as taking responsibility not only for yourself and your family but extending that to include your friends and your neighbours. Community.

Growing up in St Davids, I distinctly remember times when my lessons or discipline were not ministered by my parents but by others that cared (yes, cared!) enough to take responsibility. And those lessons were well learned, and yes, in some ways forgotten but the core is there. My childhood was not much different in that sense than many others my age, no matter where they grew up in Bermuda. Thirty years later, this concept appears to have been mostly if not completely lost. Why did this happen? When did this happen? And how exactly do we get back? Because, that which ails Bermuda, the violence and the disconnect and the anger, stems largely from the loss of this community. I don’t have a magic wand or an amazing idea on how to fix this but I think we need to start working on it. Now. Before it is too late. The Bermuda I remember from my childhood has changed so much and, in many ways, SO not for the better. Let’s not lose any more of it,


  1. […] Bermuda Jewel thinks that communities could take a bite out of crime by doing “something so simple as talking out.” Cancel this reply […]

  2. […] Bermuda Jewel thinks that communities could take a bite out of crime by doing “something so simple as talking out.” Cancel this reply […]

  3. Gunshot will never stop.

  4. as long as there is no economic reforms..and there are have n have nots in a place this small….gunshots will and should continue.

    **power to the people by any means nessicary**

  5. “Gunshot will never stop.”

    Well with writings like that, welcome to the real world.

    Alsys, great reading and thanks for your concerns. Unfortunately times change which is realistic but from the quote above we can see that this has not been absorbed by some whom may have had the benefit of some good parenting but cast it aside.
    In the late 60’s and 70’s I knew most ‘Islanders’ very well and that is documented.

    What a great heritage that was cast aside as just a bunch of dumb Mohawks.

    Oh if War Baby Fox, Alfred Fox, Black Wolf were around today. Claxton Pitcher would just have to walk down the road and they would run like hell.

    Thanks Alsys, I get where your comming from and where you want us to be.


  6. Black Press…when you talk about “economic reforms” to what and too whom do you refer?

    Are you talking about a certain class of peoples, a certain race a certain structure of the infastructure?

    To whom are you addressing these statements comments.

    As for “Gunshot”, neither will the bull**** and the systemic approach that it’s all about thats the way it is.

    You guys are in dire need of help.

    Oh thats right, we just talked about it right? Start with yourself and you can be just like the rest that want change, are doing their part and even more.

    Nelson has passed may he rest in peace. There are many others within the PLP that have done so much. Look too them for guidence and not the suckrocks.


  7. I have no evidence to back up my view, but I suspect that if you are not affected, i.e. you are one step removed from an incident, then the fear of reprisal kicks in. And the outcome of reprisal is greater than the ‘reward’ from saying what you know.

    I don’t mean reward in a $$ context.

    And for that to occur, suggests there is lack of faith/trust in those to whom you would report it.

    In the final analysis, it comes back to the question….”what kind of society do I want to live in”. It would appear that if Alsys is correct, a large number are quite happy with the way things are.


  8. Oh shut up and stop making sense Martin. I addressed that.

    Alsys is a product of which Bermuda lacks right now and has done so for many years.

    Your last two sentences sum it up very well.

    Karma too you and all that really give a damn. “Damn” in the good sense.

    A great Sea Salt day too all……………………..

  9. rummy

    All of the above as far as what u asked

    Are you talking about a certain class of peoples, a certain race a certain structure of the infastructure

    Certain class…the middle class and eliets

    both black and whites

    the entire system of bermudas governance

    and the banking sector.

    We need help to pay our overly inflated bills

    so which is better for bermuda….systemic changes in the form of reforms …or more average people with no history of crime…importing drugs to try n get by

    time to put some water in that rum….dilute it some…..u speakin like a drunk person

    until theres justics there will b no peace…may the gunshots continue

    **power to the people by any means nessicary**

  10. Don’t worry about me. If my writings give the appearance of a drunk then so be it.

    I suggest you “Put a cork in it” I heard similar words from J.H. Bassets lungs many years ago, and you see where that led.

    Karma is real. Rethink your volitile words.

    Have a great day.

  11. karma is indeed real…and the volitile social conditions are just a part of the karma comming back to this island for its many misdeeds aginst its native population.

    and the longer people like youself choose not to support the reforms that are nessicary the bad karma will continue

    until theres justice there will b no peace…may the gunshots continue

    **power to the people by any means nessicary**

  12. Black Press, define “misdeeds aginst it’s native population”.

    Are you ralking about “Cahows”?

    Must be that bad Guzlings Rumm………….

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