Posted by: J Starling | September 6, 2009

Happy Labour Day!

Tomorrow, Monday, September the seventh, is a public holiday in honour of organised labour and the working class. I hope that everyone is able to attend the parade and attend the speeches at Bernards Park afterwards. I understand that there are some changes to the usual format and that the event will change its location in the future to commemorate important labour events throughout the island.

Whether you take the time to go out and celebrate the gains of the labour movement or simply enjoy a well-deserved break from work, Happy Labour Day!


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  2. its Ironic that the history of the labour movement in Bda had its start with slaves standing up for themselves n their workers rights

    ironic cause in todays bda, modern day slavery is rampant in the bda workplace. With the labour organizations and unions turning blind eyes to whats going on because of their desire to make money off of the workers instead of protecting the birth right of bermudians and the human rights of import workers. by supporting the improvment of current laws

    the earning power of workers has eroded while the profits of bermudian employers have risen….all based on their greed. the so called labour govt sits and obseves and profits while stats report the unequal treatment and do nothing to reforrm the employment act 2000 due to fear or upsetting the business sector and their eleitests peers.

    at some point the workers of today will have to stand up like the slaves of yesterday to protect tomorrows workers

    do we have enough vision to protect future generations by forcing an adjenda of reforms?

    **ALL power to the people by any means nessicary**

  3. how long do you think it will take the workers to figure out they have been screwed by the carpetbagger’s friends & family scam?

    “the number of jobs held by Bermudians declined by 92, while positions filled by non-Bermudians increased by 330.

    There were 362 more positions in the workforce last year than in 2007, with 330 of them filled by non-Bermudians.”

    lets not forget the 4 terrorists,who are happily employed at port royal golf course,rent,food,medical all paid by you taxpayers!

    Island and correia,construction,are non-union but they get all the PLP contracts,as do foreign consultants,and the ever growing propaganda ministry of race baiting,multi- millions to prop up a wannabe dictator ,and his useless tribe of incompetents

  4. Naughty Sal…….The Unworkers Voice will come and get you. They have lots of money and the BIU is in the BLACK…………………………

    Go figure……………..

  5. Union is weak and corrupt. 4000 members at $10 a week at 52 weeks is almost a $2million why dues are not based on income instead of this corrupt flat rate?

  6. @red party
    Please tell them again why the BIU could not pay back the loan alittle while back.

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