Posted by: J Starling | November 1, 2009

Community Initiative to Reduce Violence

I was just reading over the Scotland on Sunday paper, seeing as I’m in Scotland and all. There was a rather interesting article in it concerning street gangs in Glasgow and an initiative being pursued there in response to the gang violence, entitled ‘Hitting Violent Street Gangs Where It Hurts‘.

While the situation in Glasgow is naturally different than Bermuda, with some gangs having a history tied to the sectarianism that has plagued the city for more than a century, there are alot of similarities. Perhaps it was reading the article in light of the latest shooting over Halloween, but reading the article really made me think of Bermuda.

I recommend readers look over the article, and also this site which details the organisation featured in the article, CIRV – Community Initiative to Reduce Violence. I know there have been some moves in the past to deal with the gangs, the most recent being the intervention by Mr. Farrakahn. I quite like the CIRV approach, and it seems to work to a degree. I was wondering if it would be possible to adapt it for Bermuda, or how we can make the existing approaches more effective? Any ideas?


  1. Interesting article.

    Hopefully not too cynical, but I note that in the final analysis, it’s a hard choice…”come over to our side, or you will have us (the Police) to deal with…and we are tougher than you”.

    I don’t see the BPS having the will to try it, or the tenacity to stay the course and make it work.


  2. The Police here may be desiring to give a more hard-hitting line a chance, however they need support or they’ll feel that it’s a fruitless pursuit.

    The public at large hasn’t shown any inclination to stand with the Police, as seen by the lack of witness statements and a ‘I don’t want to get involved’ mentality even when it comes to drug and gun crime.

    It’ll be up to Government (and to a lesser extent community leaders) to stand with them and be willing to support efforts on a long term basis.

  3. […] over at Bermuda JEWEL. One of them is actually from me, writing about a gang initiative in Glasgow, Community Initiave to Reduce Violence. The other is an open mic from ‘Pied Piper’ discussing the themes of narrative in […]

  4. @ Tryangle

    Understand that…but there is still an enormous difference between (say) the UK police, the US police, and the BPS when it comes to policing generally.

    Maybe it’s the small island thing and having to live together at the end of the day. Maybe the BPS prioritise, taking the difficult ones on, but letting the smaller ones go?

    Just guessing.

  5. When middle class black folk intergrate with white folk gangs and drugs are the only answer in the black neighborhoods. blame Bill Cosby.

  6. You’re going to have to elaborate a bit, red party. If middle class black people hang out, go to the same schools etc. as white people, then black people who aren’t so well off have no choice in life but to get into gangs and deal drugs? Is that the gist of what you’re saying?

    Bill Cosby came out with a show where a black family was actually successful in life (doctor and lawyer couple) and that’s to blame for black people committing violence against each other?

  7. Bill Cosby first came out in Uptown saturday nite with sidney poiter were they robbed a nightclub.
    Fat Albert was a cartoon that mocked ghetto living in the hood that really put him on the map. Only after that did he get his dream job with yuppy appeal with the repulsive logde belief of boulaism of lawyers marry lawyers or academics marry academics.
    These beliefs create poverty in the hood gangs and drugs hoover crips, piru bloods, gaza and garrison with parson’s road as the borderline of war.

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