Posted by: Ms Morris | June 10, 2010

Don’t Kill the Messenger

I feel for Marc Bean. Not only do I sympathise, I can truly say I empathise. It’s not easy to sit in those not so cushy red chairs and support a government who in your eyes is not doing enough, to say nothing when they do something completely wrong or hold your tongue when they have dropped the ball. Been there, done that. Not fun. At the end of the day a senate position is chosen at the whim of the Premier, he can put you in and take you out whenever he feels like it. It’s hard to be in a position of supposed power and not be able to truly do anything about things that you see are completely wrong. The problem is that once you taste power for real it becomes an intoxicating elixir that many feel they cannot let go of. Politicians become more interested in maintaining power than the needs of the people who elected them. It happens all over the world. Bermuda is no different, Bermuda is not another world.

It is a shame that Senator Bean would have to consider losing his position for saying what he truly believed, for speaking the truth. What is a greater shame is that it’s a real possibility. People need politicians who care more about the people than their position. We need more Marc Beans’ and Dale Butlers’. I’m not saying that everyone who is in a position of power presently cares only about power, but I certainly would not exonerate them all.

I look at the PLP and to this day I still believe that of the three existing parties they are still the better option with some of the best minds in the country among its ranks. However, the best minds are not in the driving seat. The best minds are not in power. And so, unsurprisingly education remains a problem. Yes, there are promises of good things to come but we’ve also lost a generation in that time and stand the possibility to lose more.

Education is a big thing for me, anyone who knows me, knows I take my own education quite seriously (the reason for my long hiatus) and my love of country and its future course means that I am keenly aware of what a poor education system means for the future of the island. So can I blame Senator Bean for his frustrations? Hardly. We as Bermudians are not blind, we are not stupid. We know what havoc has been wreaked by this faulty education system. We see the repercussions with every story on gun violence. What I do not understand however, is that for a government that invokes the spirit of the Civil Rights Movement and the principles that they fought for and others died for how can they do this to us? How can you not improve the education system when you know it has the potential to free us all? Yes, our bodies are out of bondage but a shoddy education means that our minds will not be free. Does the present configuration of the PLP government lack the political will to make substantive changes in the public education system?

The truly sad thing about this situation is that at the end of the day Marc is right. The PLP government has dropped the ball on education. Twelve years and nothing substantial to show for it. This isn’t to say that government has done nothing at all. I for one am happy about the Cambridge system being implemented however I can’t help but wonder how much better our educational and social situation would be if this system had been implemented ten years ago. All key stakeholders need to do more, do better as expeditiously as possible, end of story. It is not that I don’t acknowledge or appreciate the work that has been done before, I do. However, the students are depending on everyone, from the Ministry and Civil Service to the teachers and principals unions, to give them a solid foundation in life and thus far that has not happened. The PLP government needs to accept its fault in this situation and do better. Don’t kill the messenger.


  1. “how can they do this to us?”

    Many have become far too enamoured with power and maintainence of it. Mr. Bean’s double about face is evidence of this and the conversion made of those most able to bring change into the fold of the way things have and always will be done.

    “Does the present configuration of the PLP government lack the political will to make substantive changes in the public education system?”

    Does it lack the will? Certainly not. Does it lack the ability? It would seem so.

    The party breeds fear of criticism. The lizard brain focuses on defending every decision and attacking every criticism. The lizard brain focuses on finding people to fault and blame rather than solutions to moving forwards. Regardless of who is responsible, the state of our education system still remains. Blame achieves nothing.

    The party configuration we need is one that not only accepts criticism but welcomes and embraces it to the point of working with critics to build a better stronger model.

    St. Thomas Aquintas once said “Homo unius libri” meaning “beware the man of a single book”. Today we can wonder if we should also “beware the man of a single point of view”.

  2. […] us were rather busy (which is way this site was practically dormant for the last few months too), there is a new post there now. It concerns the recent comments by Senator Marc Bean, and I am slowly plodding through the new […]

  3. $1 billion debt = $40 million in interest per year

    Taxpayer’s pay more in interest than Govt. spends on tourism …

    Brown fills his last months wasting more of our money on trips, image building, photo ops and bellicose Bullshite.

    Bringing the OTCC Leaders here,last week cost $200,000
    their gala Tucker’s Point Club Dinner was poorly attended by EB’s own MP’s,Wanda had to scrape up bodies to fill seats

  4. senator bean should start a new party that represents the aspirations of the youth and disconnect from the politics of old people and old world thinking. within the plp

    let the plp n the ubp die their natural deaths along with the westminister system of governance.

    power to the people by all means nessicary

  5. as for solutions to change the retarded face of eletist politics in bermuda….

    a grass roots movement from the people with public meetings and petitions to the UK to confirm the peoples wishes for MASS systemic reforms.

    thus proving no confidence in local politicians and the failed westminster system in bermuda.

    the uk must live up to its responsibility to this colony by making the reforms and restructuring the constitution by adding voters rights and basically brining bermuda up to the same level as the uk as far as translating all uk laws and citizen rights so they are applied in bermuda

    de govenor has laid out how bermudians can reform the island by going to the uk and if we are serious then thats what we should do

    similar to whats been done in turks islands. the uk makes the reforms the people want then restructures the governance of the island based on the wishes of the people.

    i suggest a complete banning of political parties, and a move from the westminster system

    with a move towards a bottom up governance model … IE the people are the government, and a parish based governing council is operated, by an individual being elected from each parish to form this council.

    they are elected in campaings in which the council seat hopefulls will present their governance plans to the people and the people present their wishes on a parish level and a national level to the candidates.

    and they battle it out via structured debates in town halls till the people hear the best plan forward n pick a winner.

    this island is a small town in relation to larger countries and like small towns, we can be run just as effiencently via a small town model of governance.

    without the political bullshit

    and with the reforms in place, we can prevent the corruption in bermuda during the time of indipendents in the house.

    after the council is elected, the uk leaves us to the process of nation building and soon we will be in a better collective position to take the step towards indipendence.

  6. I really can’t blame the Senator for his ‘apology’. While it was in part about remaining in a power power position, at least for Marc I believe that it is not that cut and dried. He sincerely wants the best for Bermuda. I’ve seen that in him personally. I admire that he stood by his original argument even though he had to apologise for saying them publicly. That’s what I call playing the game well.

    The fact is if he wants to have a future in politics he needs to keep his position. We all know what happens to those who gain the ire of Brown so really what is there to do? We need politicians like Marc Bean. People who genuinely care about the future of the Bermudian public.

    “Does it lack the will? Certainly not. Does it lack the ability? It would seem so.”

    I can’t argue with you there Denis. Hopefully they’ll prove us wrong. We shall have to watch how this plays out.

    With all the worlds education systems feeding only the left side of the brain, its no wonder the reptilian level gains dominance.

  7. “The fact is if he wants to have a future in politics he needs to keep his position.”

    This is the very crux of our problem. Individuals like Mr. Bean will give up his ideals to climb the ranks and by the time he’s reached a position of true influence he’ll have been groomed by the organization to their way of thinking so much so that his ideals and beliefs for change will barely be recognizeable anymore.

    Look at Premier Brown. As a youth he fought against many things he stands for today.

    Look at the PLP, as opposition they fought against most things they stand for today.

    We’re all susceptable. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either naive or their ego is already corrupted.

    The trick is to balance a the fine line and hope you’re not corrupted too much or to stay on the sidelines until you’ve amassed enough influence to jump in near the top with your ideals and desire for change mostly intact.

  8. Bean,Burch ,Derrick Burgess ,are merely hand puppets of Brown’s

    Happy father’s Day Ewart

    With one son in jail and the other on bail,what a role model for young black men

  9. What kills me is that everyone is worried about taking credit for being the one to make things right. I mean who really cares who came up with a solution or what party they come from just work together to make things better. I am so sick of this stupid system we have in this country it does nothing to make it better. It stifles creativity and positive dialogue. Politicians just play the point the finger game which gets us nowhere. Admit when you make a mistake don’t ACT LIKE WE A BUNCH OF FOOLS!!!!Let your member’s speak freely it only makes you look bad when you stifle their voice.
    I pray for a better a day and a better way!!!!!

  10. You’re right Denis, it really is a balancing act. I wonder if people realise this going in? But Marc didn’t give up his ideals. He stood by his statement which is the most important thing. True, we may never hear his true beliefs on a topic again but it doesn’t mean he’s given up his ideals. They are still there under the surface and hopefully they will remain there until he is in a position to make his vision reality.

    Angel I think more people need to say that they are fed up and that they are aware of what the government is and is not doing. By making the government aware that the people are watching it makes them more accountable. Well that’s the hope anyway.

  11. “more people need to say that they are fed up”.

    The irony.

    “government is and is not doing”.

    Irony once more.

    The choir is deaf. They just lip read and sing.

  12. Black Press,I love that you provided an alternative. New ideas and community progression is what this blog is about.

    You said the governor provided guidelines as to how the Bermudian public could change the way in which the island is governed. I’m curious. When was this? Was this when he was on Hott from the Streets? Can you explain in more detail how?

    I’m assuming that the people would have to petition or some there be some form of referendum? Or could the people take the case strait to the UK government? Politicians past and present have complained about the westminster system, I wonder how many have actually thought seriously about what it would take to change the system or what to replace it with as you have. I wonder if anyone else has ideas on how they would like to see the government run.

    Hmmm, Let the creative juices flow.

  13. Red party has been approached by some youth to start a party can you believe that.
    The government needs to borrow more money to reduce crime kidnapping and bank robberies being planned island ride. debt is better than dirt.

  14. oh, red party I can believe it. The young people of Bermuda are ready for a new way of doing things. We are not stuck in the past. It is the time for us to take Bermuda into a new era. I hope that we get three new parties so we can get rid of the stigma of both older parties and actually start running Bermuda for the betterment of all of it’s people.

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