What is Bermuda JEWEL?

Bermuda JEWEL is a political organisation with the aim of involving the citizens of Bermuda in the process of Government, with the aim of achieving economic, social and ecological justice and democracy.

Why ‘JEWEL’?

JEWEL means Joint Endeavor for Welfare, Education & Liberation. This name indicates the aims and objectives of the organisation – welfare, education and liberation of Bermudian citizens.

Who is Bermuda JEWEL?

The founders of JEWEL come from the Progressive Labour Party, both members and supporters. It is our contention that the PLP has lost its committment to economic, social and ecological justice and democracy. We feel that it is no longer possible to advocate effectively for these goals within the PLP – radical critique and free discussion has been stifled within the Party, and that is a threat to the long-term benefit of our people.

Is JEWEL a political party?

No – JEWEL is focused on the serious critique of Bermuda’s problems and helping to empower grassroots social movements. JEWEL believes in developing a new politics and political system based on grassroots principles- a bottom up democracy by the people. JEWEL does not rule out participating or assisting with popular political projects within the sphere of parliamentary elections. At the present time JEWEL thinks it is more important to focus on critique and developing an outline of popular empowerment.

Does JEWEL stand for anything new?

Yes – popular empowerment and economic, social and ecological justice.

Does JEWEL believe in Government?

Yes – but a new form of government, based on popular democracy. JEWEL is not asking the people to make JEWEL new ministers or bosses. JEWEL’s message instead, is ‘organise yourselves in your communities and create a system where YOU, the people, are the Government’.

The ‘L’ in JEWEL stands for ‘Liberation’. Does JEWEL support independence?

The Liberation stands first and foremost for liberation from ‘mental slavery’ as Bob Marley put it. We seek to develop individuals who are empowered and active in the community, and fully developed in their critical thinking. All the same, JEWEL does support Bermudian independence, but is not willing to swap a formal colonialism with the UK with an informal colonialism with the USA. That is not liberation – that is colonialism with a different face. JEWEL believes that before Bermuda acheives independence it is necessary to develop independence of mind and a thorough critique of neo-imperialism.

As a people our condition is increasingly alarming and critical; we need to take serious steps – radical steps – to change our condition. JEWEL is willing to work with other groups on specific matters that we agree on, but we will not paper over our differences. We do not subscribe to the notion that the enemy of our enemy is our friend, but when there are common objectives, we will work together towards these goals. It is not enough to be against the same thing; we must be for the same basic things.

Again, JEWEL seeks to awaken and empower the political consciousness of the people. All are welcome on this journey.


  1. As a person who was on the frontline of politics in the PLP I commend the 3 founders of JEWEL. Your objective is much needed, and your assessment of the inner workings of the PLP is spot on. Open discussion involving dissention is discouraged. Ostracizing those who speak against the PLP status quo is commonplace as both Davida and Jonathan can attest.
    Bermuda has a long way to go in becoming a true democracy. As long as the politics of race is engaged at every turn the Island will not know peace. Young people will become out of tune with the system and anarchy, not evolution, will prevail.
    Your have created a great forum. I wish you continued success. Stay the course, and become grand warriors in the face of adversity. You will succeed, Bermuda needs you.
    My best to you,
    Dr. Hon. Renee Webb, J.P. aka Renee

  2. Kindly notify me, and feel free to respond.

    Renee Webb

  3. “It is a paradox that every dictator has climbed to power on the ladder of free speech. Immediately on attaining power each dictator has suppressed all free speech except his own.”

    Herbert Hoover

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

    Edmund Burke

    So speak up good women and men of Bermuda…speak up and then follow up

    “If you would convince a man he is wrong, do right. Men believe what they see.”


  4. I like what you guys are usually up too. This sort
    of clever work and coverage! Keep up the good works guys I’ve included you guys to my own blogroll.

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