Moderation Policy & Contact Info

This site has a policy of open commenting, in that anyone that wants to post, feel free to do so. There are currently three admins for the site, and any comments that we feel are contrary to our policy guidelines, we’ll ‘unapprove’ and discuss how best to handle them.

In general we discourage obscene langauge, and posts containing such will be edited to remove the offensive language.

Personal attacks are also discouraged. Such comments will be edited or deleted according to the mutual decision of the Admins.

Comments that are percieved as hate speech will also be unapproved by Admins.

If posters include a legitimate email address with their comments we will try to contact you to explain our decision, and see if you can rewrite it.

Due to the nature of the WordPress format it is not possible to open content/thread creation to all. However, we encourage readers to compose such content and email us – we’ll post it even if we disagree with it.

Our contact address is bermudajewel @


  1. Congratulations. Maybe some headway will be made here with civility. I was just checking out the headers etc. and scrolled down and there was my name.

    Hope you don’t mind a few “Rummyisms” once in a while.

    Stay the course and ‘press on’.


  2. Good luck guys – a much-needed forum.

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