Posted by: Ms Morris | September 8, 2009

Waiting in the wings…

I was talking to a friend this morning on the present political landscape and where the people of Bermuda are. Now that the Uighurs situation has settled a bit and there are no flashy headlines in the papers of plots to oust the present premier, is it over? Have the people decided to forget about it all and go back to the grind of their daily lives and forgotten the way the premier broke the law, disrespected the government and disrespected the people of Bermuda? It has been said that Bermudians have short memories when it comes to politics, is it really so?

I, for one have not forgotten and while the house may be on break my mind is not (ok, not entirely true. I took the last few weeks off). I just wonder do the people still feel as passionately as they did when the scandal first broke out or have they grown complacent, accepted that we are stuck with the premier we have for another year. As I explained to my esteemed friend I have hope that the people will prevail during the annual PLP Delegates Conference. Until proven wrong I choose not think otherwise.


  1. Unfortunately people do have very short political memories. We care greatly at the time but unfortunately not enough to evoke true change, too many a tangled in the past or bound by convention.

    I doubt the delegates conference will change anything. People will have mellowed and it’ll be another calling of give Premier Brown another chance, how he’s turned a corner and will be different this time. People will buy this because we don’t have a strong alternative and people fear change.

  2. I agree completely with my friend Denis.

    However, Bermudians are not alone in their short political (and other) memories. We learned that behaviour from our US neighbours.

  3. only the dumb have short memories !!!! and the majority aint dumb !!!

  4. Ms. Morris,

    I’m sure “people still feel as passionately as they did when the scandal first broke out”. I have no doubt the “people will prevail at the annual delegates conference” as they did at the Central Committee meeting a few months back.

  5. Ms. Morris,

    I think people are resigned to the fact that the people’s voice is ignored and disregarded in this political system of ours. The voters and their views are only important during election time. Other than that we are of no use to this administration. The current leadership has and will continue to show disdain for the poeple of Bermuda and carry on with this “you put us in power and thus do as I say and don’t worry i will listen to you ina few years for a months before you plebs place us back into power” attitude. This will be allowed to continue because we are too passive of a population while others simply don’t care anymore and don’t want antything to do with the horrible state that the Bermuda political scene has entered.

    People are tired of being attacked by the current leadership and PLP stalwarts that will call you racist, confused negroes, haters, white supremacists, Uncle Toms. All our efforts are in vein and seem to be a waste of our time, so why bother? We are nothiing compared to the oh so democratic Central Committee. I mean 75% disapprove of Dr. Brown but the few members of the Central Committee don’t so he stays. That is not democracy.

    For as Ms. Furbert pointed out the only voices that seem to matter now are the might and powerful PLP Central Commiittee. For these handful of individuals know exactly what’s best for us and we are haters, racicts, Uncle Toms, etc. for even contemplating about thinking in a different manner.

    Personally I, along with many others, are completely disllusioned at the vitriolic and nasty state that Bermuda politics has found itself in. I pray for the day when Bermudians wake up/grow up and realize that these old dinosaur parties with their old dinosaur mindsets are purposefully dividing this island amongst different lines for their own political benefit.

    People complain about the gang problem these days. All I see is the people of this country emulating the actions of the powerful in this tiny piece of Rock we ALL call home. Lead by example…

    Long live the Central Committee!!!

  6. Yet, people in Bermuda (and in the States) continue to wax on about Michael Jackson or Jon & Kate.

  7. I suspect Tim Hodgson has some of the answers.

  8. Tim Hodgson is speaking too a certain portion of readers whether on line or in his paper.

    I had to read the damn thing three times before I could garner what was said. What does that mean too you? Does it mean I am a dummy and a rummy?

    No. It means he is focusing on his thoughts and to whom they are addressed.

    The rest of us? Left out in the wilderness by the media and Government.

    Tim needs to stop playing poker.

  9. JMad,

    The system used by the PLP to elect its leader, and hence the Premier/Opposition could not be more democratic. For thirty years Bermuda’s Government Leader/Premier was chosen by a handful of people, but that was okay.

    You, and others have a choice. You can join the PLP, and make those constitutional changes you believe are necessary, you can join the UBP and help to get the Party re-elected, or you can start a third party and work to get that party elected.

    In the meantime, the people have spoken, and the PLP is the governing party and Dr. Brown is its leader.

    I hear a lot of people complaining about the Westminister system, which is used in all of the British territories including those that are independent and of course the Mother Country itself. But all of sudden, this system is wrong for Bermuda. What system would you put in place if you had your way?

    Where did you get 75% from?

  10. Ms Furbert,

    Couple of points:

    1) I think you may need to appreciate that those of us in Bermuda who do not like the ‘Westminster system’, don’t necessarily like the Westminster system in the UK either. It’s not a ‘Bermuda’ thing, other than to add that Bermuda is really too small for such an arrangement.

    2) On the wider democracy issue which you mentioned, how can you have a Public Accounts Committee – that isn’t – well – public?

    Just a quick question.

  11. The last poll that conducted by stated that Dr. Brown received an approval rating of approximately 25%. Please save your usual rant about the RG and how its all their fault for giving Dr. Brown such a bad public perception. If they were all lies I am pretty sure that legal action would’ve been taken against them for slander. But yet nothing. Why?

    It isn’t a democratic system at all. The majority of the people, as evidenced by the poll results, protests, LtoE, blogs and everday ranting on the street, are not happy with Dr. Brown’s autocratic style of leadership. Another huge piece of evidence was the fact that his own cabinet members truned against his leadership style a few months back. With some even willing to lose their massive Minister checks in protest of such poor governance. Even the Deputy Premier stated that she felt. “politically neutured” by Dr. Brown’s deception over the Uighur situation. or would you rather discuss about how Dr. Brown tried to sneak the gaming bill behind his own Cabinet’s back? I would love to hear how you would defend such actions within the context of a democratic society. Please enlighten me/us.

    If the constitution had been constructed in a manner which allowed for a no confidence vote to be enacted against the leader instead of the governing party Dr. Brown would no longer be Bermuda’s leader. We, the people, should be empowered to choose DIRECTLY who we want as our Premier. The people of Bermuda should have the right to choose who we want to ultimately represent us and NOT an UNELECTED Central Committee of a aparticular political party. And please save your rant about how the Central Committee is elected. The voters are only PLP members, so that again is FAR FAR from a democratic practice.

    Finally you can take your argument about why I am so upset with the process now and not when the UBP was in power somewhere else. I wasn’t old enough to vote during any of the UBP reign and had very little interest in politics during that time as I was born in the 80s. I have only known the PLP as being in power since my political awareness has developed with my age and thus Governmental criticism can only be directed towards the governign party.

    So continue to dismiss and attack everybody that holds a different view from you. I have no desire to debate with you as I have seen what you believe entails constructive discussions through your blogs, radio show, rally speeches and LtoE. I actually provided an example in first post on this thread (i.e. racists, confused negroes et al) There is no point in even trying to engage you as you take any and every criticism as being personal. This is politics and it is what it is. If you can’t handle opposition then I suggest you try a different political system that doesn’t afford its citizens the right to oppose. China is probably more along the lines as to what you are looking for.

    Have a great day Ms. Furbert…

  12. Hi Martin,

    My question remains, what other system would you suggest?

    I would accept your criticism about the Public Accounts Committee if the PLP had changed the committee from being public to private. But, all things in time. The UBP didn’t make the change in 30 years so I don’t know what you would expect the PLP to make it in 11 years

  13. “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it.”

    Claude Frédéric Bastiat

  14. Ms Furbert

    Actually, if you check back, I wasn’t advocating another system – I think it was JMad you were asking?

    My point was simply to add some info of which you might not have been aware.

    There’s little point in my commenting on the rationale for the Pub A/c’s cttee not meeting.

  15. the westminster system has failed…party politics has failed…..politicians cant govern without being corrupt…and the wealth ov the nation is not evenly distributed….leaving the majority of the population in poverty….this is corruption

    time for the people to act in their own best interest go to the uk and demand that the governance of bermuda is restructured to operate as a fully bottom up democracy…relizing the full potential and evolution of dr r browns concept of universal adult sufferage.

    the time for political parties is over….bermuda is too small for some segments of the population to be politically favoured over others

    **all power to the people by any means nessicary**

  16. Re: an alternative political system.

    I think Warren Cabral and others produced a paper on this some years back at the time the number of seats in the House was changed. A number of interesting alternatives were put forward which I think would be worthy of discussion here. Anyone know where the paper can be found?

  17. Sal, excellent quote. Spot on.

    As stated, I am going to cling to the hope that level heads will prevail and the people ie. Delegates will vote to out brown. I’m not overly concerned that this may make me appear naive or whatever people may say. I am a realist no doubt but I still have faith in people. It sure beats being a cynic and having a cloud hang over my head all the time.

    Ms Furbert I wasn’t even at the cc committe meeting and I know no vote has taken place so to say the people have spoken is a bit premature. I believe it is 12 constituencies that must call for a leadership vote? That the proposal was withdrawn does not indicate to me an acceptance of Brown’s leadership but an attempt to make sure one has their ducks in a row.

    It is clear that the people are not happy and it is unfortunate that the present leadership of the PLP choose only to cater to one segment of the population and sadder still is that many in that chosen segment are disatisfied. I fear for the future of the PLP. It is an aging party that is burning bridges with the people it needs for survival. Whether Brown stays or goes the seeds of mistrust have alredy been sown. I think at this point people are just waiting for a new party to emerge. The PLP may have power now but I wonder for how long?

  18. Ms. Morris,

    I know you weren’t at the CC meeting, because you’re in England, or wherever. Of course there was no vote take, but a motion was made and it was killed.

    You are quite correct, it is clear that some people are not happy with Dr. Brown. It’s also clear to me that some people are not happy with Barack Obama, but he remains the President of the United States of America, and Dr. Brown remains the Premier of Bermuda.

    And by the way, just as Dr. Brown made the decison to bring in the Uighurs without consultation, he also made the decison to appoint you as senator, without consultation. Let’s hope he’s learned a lesson from that. You couldn’t possibly think that everyone in the PLP, or in Bermuda for that matter, agreed with his decision to appoint you as a senator. I’m also certain that everyone did not agree with his decison when he chose not to re-appoint you.

    I don’t know what you mean that the PLP is an aging Party. I first joined the PLP in my very early 20’s and I’m now in my 60’s. There are people that are still active that are older than I am, and there are people who are active that are much younger than I am. Remember, they all didn’t follow you when you decided to disassociate yourself with the PLP.

    I can assure you that Dr. Brown will be there until he decides to go. As far as a new party is concerned, as I said before, I keep hearing people talk about it, but I see no action on that front. Maybe, you’ll come back after you’ve finished whatever you’re doing, and lead the charge.

    By the way, remember the BDP, the NLP, the ABC, etc. etc. etc. I don’t think that there are too many people in the PLP who fear a new party. That’s politics!!


    It’s interesting that people like you think that I attack when I give my opinion. But, I don’t expect more from people of your ilk.

  19. Hello Ms Furbert

    Just an observation, and in the spirit of trying to be helpful.

    You might want to think through why (generally speaking) bloggers don’t respond to you as they used to?

  20. Ms. Furbert

    “But, all things in time. The UBP didn’t make the change in 30 years so I don’t know what you would expect the PLP to make it in 11 years”

    As excuses come that one is pretty pathetic.

    In essence you have just told me that the PLP of today is just as bad as the UBP of 30 years ago. Unfortunatly I might have to agree with you.

    Time is irrelevant in the issue. Either it’s public or it isen’t, there are no changes that need to be made before it can be made public except that the government needs to hide all of it’s improper spending. And thats the exact thing that making it public is supposed to prevent but, of course politicians won’t allow themselves to be burdened with such petty things as public scruitiny. What do the people know anyway?

    Let them vote in the PLP every 5 years and shut up in between right?

  21. “It’s interesting that people like you think that I attack when I give my opinion. But, I don’t expect more from people of your ilk.”

    A completely disgusting but ultimately predictable response. You know Ms. Furbert you don’t know a thing about me or my ‘ilk’ and the assumption that you do based on the color of my skin speaks volumes about your mindset. For someone who consders herself a ‘race activist’ who is out to destroy racism, you practice the disgusting trait on a daily basis.

    But as I said before there is absolutely no point in attempting to converse with you. Your inner hatred has festered within your soul for so long that it has successfully become a part of your life and prevents any chance of you acting or thinking on a rational basis. And for that I hold great sympathy for you and the people around you.

    In the end I thank you for making such a statement as highlighted above. You have successfully validated every point that I made in previous two posts.

    I wish you all the best in the future and for your future endeavors. And I am sorry that your inner hatred for people of different skin colors prohibits you from seeing a beautiful Bermuda for ALL its peoples. Take care.

  22. Martin,

    I know why bloggers respond to me as they do. If I were to agree with the majority of bloggers on this site and any other local site and say that Ewart Brown is arrogant and corrupt, that the PLP is corrupt and incompetent, etc. etc. etc., they would respond to me differently.

    How many people do you see blogging that are supportive of the PLP?

  23. Ms Furbert,

    Yes, I am in London and doing quite well. Thank you.

    As the motion was withdrawn I don’t think it is entirely accurate to say that it was killed. Especially since the matter will more likely than not come up again at the Delegate’s Conference.

    The disatisfaction with Dr Brown is so great that people cannot let this matter pass. The attempts to have him ousted are precedent setting. Unlike those that would like to see Obama ousted, in the case of Brown however the sentiment is completely warrented.

    Ms Furbert, you attempt to liken brown’s decision to appoint me to the Senate with the decision to bring the Uighurs to Bermuda. Your argument is flawed however. Popularity is not the issue here as much as legality. Dr Brown as premier had the legal right to appoint me to the Senate and did not need to consult with anyone before making his decsion. He did not have the legal right to bring the Uighurs to Bermuda. It’s that simple.

    When I say the PLP is an aging party I mean that the membership is predominantly older than young. Of course that is not to say there are not younger members but the numbers are much smaller than the older group. The party needs more young minds and bodies to propel it into the future. Unfortunately the numbers are dwindling. They are lower than they once were. The chairman of the PLP has twice publicly that I am aware of personally called out to the younger population to get involved in the party. It’s not that all young people do not want to get involved in politics but of the percentage that do many do not like what the PLP is doing and as such choose to not participate.

    While I have been public and vocal in my condemnation of the Premier I never stated that I was disassociating myself from the party. The Premier, most definitely but not the party. At the same time I have seen how members who have critiqued the party are treated and am not surprised at being viewed this way. I think the only protection I have had from some attacks is that I was a Senator and chose to run in an election for the PLP in a constituency that I knew full well I would lose. Its ok though. I’d rather be honest and speak my mind than be forced to keep quiet on things that I see as just plain wrong and if it means that I have to leave the party to do that then so be it.

    I still have faith in the membership of the PLP. I will until they prove me wrong. I hope they see how the actions of a few led by one man has jeopardized the future of the party and caused people to turn away from them. If the party refuses to change then it will falter. Of that I am certain.

    As for any new parties I think it’s a little to early to start celebrating. It’s been about 3-4 months since the business with the Uighurs first began. I think it a bit premature to say that there are not persons working on something better for Bermuda. A political party is a complex machine, I would hope any group interested in becoming a real part of Bermuda’s political landscape would have their ducks in a row before going public. At the very least they have the mistakes of the previous parties you listed to learn from.

  24. Hi Ms Furbert…

    You can be supportive of the PLP (or any party) yet be critical of it at the same time. Criticism can be negative and also positive.

    One of the things I know you don’t like is that in today’s world, we wash our dirty laundry in public. That doesn’t sit well with some people – but that’s where we are.

    When you ‘shoot the messenger’ rather than try and argue the point someone is making, then it sends a message to everyone that there is truth (a grain or more) to the original message.

    For example (and trying to stay clear of the emotive stuff)… “you know” that the trick Dr Brown played in the house with regards to gambling was wrong. No two ways about it. He set out consciously to deceive and to mislead, and with it amplified the arrogant tag that he has gained since coming to office. He showed total disrespect for the House, his colleagues and the peoples of Bermuda.

    Now, I might have missed it, but I don’t recall you suggesting that he was wrong to do that, or even that he could have handled it better.

    Often, you send a message by your absence from commenting. There’s that dreadful expression….”silence = acceptance”.

    I think you really need to divorce the PLP from the man, when asking how many are supportive of the PLP. At the risk of repetition over the months, there is no (or little) support for the UBP that I can see.

  25. But, all things in time. The UBP didn’t make the change in 30 years so I don’t know what you would expect the PLP to make it in 11 years”

    “As excuses come that one is pretty pathetic.”


    I also had a good laugh at Ms. Furbert’s hypocritical statement. Rail against the UBP for corrupt and non-transparent practices and then turnaround and adopt the very same approach to governance. Pot and kettle situation once again with this administration.

    May I also remind Ms. Furbert and others, who try to align Dr. Brown and President Obama as being one in the same, that President Obama on his very FIRST day in office (Jan 21, 2009) signed the Freedom of Information Act. President Obama’s memo on this issue concluded by stating:

    “The presumption of disclosure also means that agencies should take affirmative steps to make information public. They should not wait for specific requests from the public. All agencies should use modern technology to inform citizens about what is known and down by their Government. Disclosure should be timely.”

    See the difference. We the people have been asking and were promised such transparency since Mr. Scott tabled it approximately 6 years ago. President Obama instructed departments to enact full disclosures despite whether or not there were direct demands from the voting public. However, Bermudians ask for transparency and we get a resounding no!

    The funny thing about it all is that through such openness and transparency the detractors who cry corruption within the current administration would not be left with a foot to stand on. The ability to prove that all dealings are legit through such openness will result in all corruption claims becoming null and void and the individuals making these claims will be revealed for what they truly are (well at least as how the current administration wants them to be viewed – racists, fearmongerers, haters, white supremacists etc).

    I don’t understand the actual reasoning for not opening up the PAC to the public as one has not been provided. These funds are OUR funds that we have ALL worked hard for.

    In the end secrecy only breeds and fuels further mistrust and thus only the individuals preventing such transparency can be blamed for their public perception/criticisms.

    But then again people of my ‘ilk’ or ‘genetic predisposition’ would make such ‘plantation’ remarks and/or observations.

  26. Ms Morris, congrats on all your replies.

    This is why you were appointed and my hat off too you.

    Mrs Furbert is a product of and will remain one of “by any means nessicary”.

    If any one is a confused negro………………………

  27. Hey Martin,

    This messenger gets shot every time she writes something, but I can handle it. There was so much that I could have said to Ms. Morris, but I’ve decided to take the high road and make no further comments to her or about her. I just wonder how many of you who post here and elsewhere congratulated her when she was appointed to the senate by the evil Dr. Brown. And, how many of you voted for her when she ran as a candidate for the PLP?

    I just find it interesting how all of “you people” are now a fan of Ms. Morris.

    By the way, I don’t know how long you have been paying attention to Bermuda poltiics, but I’ve seen my successful attempts of politicians deceiving and misleading. That’s why Bermuda is where it is today. Let’s start with the great one, Sir Henry Tucker.

    If you’re interested in a real discussion, you know where I work.

  28. Ms. Furbert,

    Again you link the PLP to the past actions of the UBP, specifically Sir Henry Tucker. I’m not quite sure why you are attempting to tell us all that the PLP of today is no better than the UBP of yesterday but, it’s working.

    Rather than the age old “they did it first” excuse (another one of those pathetic excuses I hear too often) perhaps the PLP should set an example for the future. I guess it’s just wishful thinking though as the PLP leadership seems stuck in the past.

  29. the plp has walked away from its socilist foundation and have picked up where the upb left off

    the continuing struggles of the working class proves this.

    party politics has failed, time for the people to take over

    **ALL power to the people by any means nessicary**

  30. Heavens black press…….You sound like yah mumma………………………

  31. The government party does not need to chase the black vote they vote for the death of thier children in gangwar. Corruption poverty and crime is all the black community have gained under this government. Only the red party can flog government to produce a stimulus package to reduce crime. Buy back the guns dummy..

  32. Nioe,

    I’m only looking at things in a historical context. But I understand the thinking of most of the posters here, history means nothing, unless, of course your’re talking about white history.

    Sir Henry Tucker is dead. The UBP is dead and now, according to the Royal Gazette, Shawn Crockwell et al are trying to call a rose a petunia!!

  33. history repeats itself

  34. Thats what I love…….A confused Negro and a “Petunia”………………..

    Oh what a blossom that should be. Nothing compared with a Black Beret ‘without a head to wear it upon’……………………………………

  35. @ Ms. Furbert


    I’m only looking at things in a historical context. But I understand the thinking of most of the posters here, history means nothing, unless, of course your’re talking about white history. ”

    Oh come on, I don’t need one of your History spiels. I get it, I disagree, move on.

    Oh wait.. You can’t.

    Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, this we can agree on I think. However the problems appear when we check if you have actually learned the right lessons. I’ve learned that secrecy in government doesn’t work through my studies of Bermudian history and if it were up to me the PAC would be meeting in public for the first time next session. Apparently all you’ve learned to do is say they did it first.

    I know it’s hard but, if you reply to my post please try logic, the race card is getting a bit old.

  36. Middle class blacks make useless politicans, they wanna steal as much money as they can they are the enemy of the black race and to be destroyed. It will happen!

  37. @red party

    ‘the black race’

    When will we finally accept that skin colour should not matter?

    So much for being judged on one’s character, and not the colour of one’s skin, eh?

  38. I’ve been away for a while and have come back to this series of posts and this is perfect example of why we aren’t making and progress.

    Another important discussion topic has yet again disintegrated into another racial mud slinging match.

    Learn from the past yes; but living in it holds back everyone.

  39. @Still has faith

    Another important discussion topic has yet again disintegrated into another racial mud slinging match.

    So what’s your sense of what it will take to break through that pattern?
    A thread over on BIAW speculated that it would take some hard times in Bermuda to break the stasis, and I tend to agree.

  40. Well at the risk of doing what I’ve just criticized, there are two main areas that should be addressed in my view.
    1) The country’s leadership (I know we’ve all beaten this to death). How are we supposed to unite as a country when our leadership does nothing but divide us? If the highest power in the land is allowed to get away with it, how can we seriously expect any one else to change and help heal our Island. The serious issues faced by Bermuda should be addressed as just that and not as a platform to push personal agendas and drive an ever deepening wedge in to our community that we may never recover from. I was originally opposed to the Idea of a third party but after allot of debate (on this site) and from conversations with people around the Island I now feel that this is the only way forward for us at this time. I fully applaud the 6 that have stood up to be counted and I hope that they can fully engage an island that is looking for a much needed solution.
    2) Education, Education, Education and I’m not just talking about the school system. People that are raised in an environment of hate and ignorance will invariably grow up taking on these values and pass them on to future generations. I’m not saying anything new here but because of our size, we have a captive audience; a unique opportunity to talk and discuss and promote new ideas that will actually reach people quickly and effectively. In my view it is our children on who we need to focus these efforts. As parents we need to be ultimately accountable as to how we raise them. It’s simply not good enough to blame society at large for the actions of our children. They are our responsibility and we must take the necessary actions to ensure that they are instilled with values that will make our island and our world, a better place. For those that aren’t fortunate enough to have a strong family environment we have to support the organizations that support them. Youth net and Big Brother Big Sister to name a couple. Both play a vital role in helping young Bermudians that need strong role models in their life. YouthNet asks for 1hr a week; something even the busiest of us all surely has to spare.
    Outside of all this Bermuda’s education system of course needs some serious help. That’s another thread all together but, basically we need to get more Bermudians through higher education (be it academic or trade school). Not just for the sake of scholastic achievement, but for the opportunity to leave Bermuda, gain some experience of the world. Bermuda is a wonderful place but there is no substitute for understanding the world around you to make you appreciate what we have here and what we risk losing.

    Basically what I am saying here is that the “big conversation” needs to happen much earlier if we are to stand a chance of producing a generation that are Bermudians rather that an Island of Blacks and Whites.

  41. The red party is the true party of the black workers. Liberal pipe dreamers are goonna make race politics worse by ignoring it.
    Under the UBP the black comminity had jobs housing and children.
    Under the PLP corruption poverty and crime.
    Why? Greedy middle class blacks invested heavily into the real estate market oppressing poor blacks with high rents.
    Any white voter can see the greed of these corrupt black pigs but they are afraid of fighting the bloody fight to make things right.
    How is a black single moma supposed to pay $2300 a month with three children?
    Where is the $1500 month recession check for ghetto youths broke on the verge of committing robberies and crime.
    It cost $7000 to keep a man locked up monthly giving him $1500 to give him hope may safe the tax payer $6000. Where is the brains in politics instead of middle class personalities looking for a bribe from Government.
    Vote red for marijuana coffee shops, strip clubs gambling, armed security guards to help the police.
    Black people love negative politics the PLP are useless weaklings afraid to kill a chicken not mention a child molestor!

  42. Race politics never ends,so long as fame and massive fortunes are being made by the carpetbagger and his friends & family clique

  43. @red party

    Any white voter can see the greed … but they are afraid of fighting the bloody fight to make things right.

    Well, perhaps, depending on exactly what you mean by “bloody fight”. If you meant that literally (i.e. violence), I personally think it usually makes things worse, in the end, rather than better.

    E.g. what will the reaction be from our primary sources of income (tourists, IB) if there is violence? And without foreign exchnage, how would Bermude be able to bring in the food, toilet paper, etc we need to live?

    If you meant “bloody fight” in a rhetorical sense, I think they did try and make a fuss, and what they got was to be labelled racist. (Ironic that people who oppose Obama in the US are now also being lableled racist. Oh, right, like conservatives didn’t oppose Clinton and Carter too. Give me a break.)

    But the Bermudian population as a whole still voted the PLP back into power. All we can hope is that i) something different will happen next time, and ii) it’s not too late (although I have my doubts on both scores).

    Where is the brains in politics instead of middle class personalities looking for a bribe from Government.

    Well, that’s democracy for you. As Mary Renault says ‘it is the rule of the people; the government is as good as the people are, or as bad’.

    But if you think something else would be better, I refer you to Churchill: ‘Democracy is the worst form of government – except for all the others!’


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